See below for links to a couple of articles on Iris Häussler's "ingenious deception" (Adler) at the Grange. The installation is what Häussler, borrowing from Mark Kingwell, calls "haptic conceptual art, a practice that deals with deep questions of the human condition, but initiates them through direct experience, rather than through theoretical discourse" (The Grange Excavation Notes 03/2009).

We might begin here a discussion about what questions about the human condition, with respect to the themes of our course, Häussler's installation/excavation poses or provokes. I invite everyone to post their reactions to the discussion board.

Dan Adler, "Iris Häussler," Artforum 47.8 (April 2009): 197.

Cecilia Aldorondo, "Hidden in Plain Sight: Iris Häussler's He Named Her Amber," Art Papers (July/August 2009): 32-38.

York doesn't subscribe to Art Papers, but the editors have graciously provided us with a PDF of the article