Proposals and Final Papers
The Arts of Memory, Winter 2010

Proposals: February 3 (3-5 pages, including annotated bibliography) 10%
Final paper: April 4 (approx. 3500 wds; 14-15 pages) 30%

NB: I have assigned the proposal a slightly higher value than indicated on the syllabus to encourage you to begin thinking about the paper sooner rather than later.

Your final paper can be either an academic essay or a non-fiction essay. Either must be supported by substantial research.
Non-fiction submissions must be accompanied by a two page explanation of authorial intent.

Proposals should establish the following:

1. Subject. What is your topic?—not your thesis. A focused topic will lead to a focused paper. Topics can be drawn from the course materials or a combination of course materials and new sources. If you would like to propose a topic that is relevant but not addressed by the course, please check with me first.

2. Your interest. Explain your interest in your topic. Chances are that if you are not keenly interested the paper will fall flat.

3. Thesis. What is the thesis or purpose of the paper? What are you arguing or exploring?

4. Approach. How will you organize your information? What will be your style? Non-traditional forms of essays are acceptable, but only with a strong rationale for the manner in which the structure and style support the thesis.

5. Evidence. How will you do the research? What are your primary and secondary sources? At least five academic sources (books, academic journal articles) beyond the course texts are required for all papers. Please provide a preliminary annotated bibliography. Annotations need only be a few sentences. Describe how the source will be useful to you.