AGO field trip. (see bottom of page for link to google map)
We will meet at the main entrance of the AGO on Wednesday Oct. 21 @ 5:45.

Take the University subway line to Dundas/St Patrick. Walk West three blocks. The AGO is on the south side between McCaul and Bedford. To the south of the AGO on McCaul is OCAD, the Ontario College of Art and Design. Look up.

Admission is free after 6:00, so it will be busy. We will proceed directly to the Grange. Tours of the grange excavation run every half hour, but the number of spaces are limited. We will divide into groups and pick a scheduled time; the rest of the time will be spend looking at the Canadian exhibit and the Galleria Italia

We will reconvene in the Grange members' lounge at 8:00 for a quick chat. The AGO closes at 8:30.

For those of you attending on your own, please see these three places.

Home page for the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Galleria Italia

Grange tour

Canadian Collection

Grange Curator, Jenny Reiger, describes the Canadian collection:

"The AGO Canadian collection is organized around themes of myth, power and memory. This wing opens with 2 walls of ancient projectile points (arrowheads) and examples of ancient first nations material. These represent ancient memory (11,000 years of visual expression) and provide a discussion point about how ancestral objects hold memories and how they were passed down through the generations. The next area of memory is a gallery devoted to Coach House Press, a creative alternative hub for artists, photographers, poets etc. in the 1960s and 70s. We invited artists and gallery owners to share their memories of this moment in Toronto’s art history.

As you move through the other galleries, you are encouraged to think about how memories and myths have shaped Canada. Do all Canadians instinctively know how to paddle a canoe? Is the vision of Canada one of nature? How do we incorporate memories of artists from other cultures into our understanding of Canadian art? Works are juxtaposed together to help provoke the viewer into new ways of thinking about Canadian art.",0,15719664235306829487&fb=1&hq=ago&hnear=Canada&gl=ca&daddr=317+Dundas+Street+West,+Toronto,+ON+M5T+1G4&geocode=17440150116224136689,43.654100,-79.392214&ei=i3XSSr-nM87JlAfF4tioCg&ved=0CAwQngIwAA&z=16